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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  December 19, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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welcome to "world news." tonight, holiday storm, get ready for the biggest travel day of the season with snow, ice and tornados on the way. breaking news, chaos after a big theatre in london collapses. more than 700 people inside. duck and cover, the big star of tv's "duck dynasty" in the cross fire for comments about
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being gay and being black before civil rights in america. medical stunner, do families of people with dwarfism in this remote village hold the key to preventing cancer for everyone? a good evening to you on this thursday night. we begin with a kind of christmas curveball. tomorrow will be the busiest travel day of the season and another storm is making its way across this country. so what does it mean for your travel plans and your packages landing on time. is here's abc's meteorologist ginger zee. >> reporter: bursting into the holiday weekend. freezing rain forcing a transformer in salt lake city to blow. almost 4 inches of snow shutting down the salt lake city airport for hours today. and tonight, a completely different storm will drop into the pacific northwest. that means
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snow, rain and cold to the southwest buy friday. and eventually a messy weekend for the middle of the nation. damaging winds and isolated tornadoes in the south. a hazardous line of ice and above it up to a foot of snow. the big 'ol storm, ill timed for holiday travelers and those last minute packages. ups and fedex already breaking records this week. fed ex shipping 22 million packages. ups, 34 million. fedex says they've been preparing for this storm since last week. rerouting tens of thousands of packages. >> we have all 3330,000 team members out delivering packages. >> reporter: they have many military giving updates sgl.
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we're talking near record temperatures. let's take a look at probabilities. we have a map, that dark gray that you are seeing, that's a low chance, so sorry kansas, seeing a white christmas. the lighter gray shade is a moderate and you definitely have a shot at a white christmas, the rockies there, that bright white color. diane? >> thank you so much, ginger. again tomorrow is a very busy day in this country. we want to take you straight overseas to london because of a developing story there. a holiday audience attending an evening at a large theatre, suddenly a terrifying turn, a ceiling collapses, people in a panic. details are still pouring in and we have the latest from abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran on the scene. >> reporter: the panic here began at 8:15 p.m. during a packed performance of the play, the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime. the audience heard a strange sound. >> it was one of those surreal moments and you think it's part
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of the show and people start clamoring over you. >> reporter: it was the ceiling of the theatre collapses. >> we had a freak and then the ceiling just -- the whole thing collapsed suddenly like that. >> suddenly there was a massive crash and a massive section came down filled with dust straightaway. >> we felt debris falling on us, a loud bang and all of a sudden there was a coat of dust that came on us. >> reporter: more than 700 audience members suddenly rushing to escape the falling ceiling of this famed theatre more than 100 years old and located in the heart of london's theatre district. stretchers rolling the injured out, others walking with bandaged heads, 81 reportedly injured, 7 seriously, hit by degree from a ceiling as high as a five story building. london fire officials are telling us almost 900 square feet of that plaster ceiling came down on the audience tonight.
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these old theaters part of the charm of this city's theatre district. tonight that charm turned dangerous. >> and the sirens still behind you. thank you so much, terry moran. we return back here at home for a bulletin for millions of american shoppers. the retail giant target has issued a warning to their own customers to be on "the lookout" because they may be victims of a crime. their credit card information stolen after shopping at target. here's abc's chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: it's the question millions of americans are asking tonight, could their family's card have been compromised. >> it's incredibly frustrating. going to targeting a weekend ritual in our house. >> reporter: chris and his family used their american express a few weeks ago and sent $62 at target. now he fears he's one of those 40 million. >> we never expected anything like this would happen at a
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physical store. >> reporter: target tell abc news scammers got the names, account numbers and security codes of customers who visited target stores across the country. it's not exactly clear how the thieves did it but experts say the theft likely happened when shoppers swiped their cards to make a purchase. with the stolen information, the thieves can act in seconds. it's what happened to katie who asked that we not disclose her last name. >> they went to stores that i've never been to and successfully opened 11 to 14 different credit cards. >> reporter: those cooks going door to door and hitting nearly every store on this block on a $15,000 shopping spree, a $1200 macbook at best buy, sneakers, coats and fragrances at macy's in a matter of hours. adam has fought identity thieves for decades. >> you can do everything right but if the wrong person gains unauthorized access, they have
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an option on your life. >> >> reporter: experts recommend checking your credit and bank statements and consider replacing your credit and debit cards if you used them recently at target. >> if there is fraud what percentage can you get back? >> reporter: you can get back everything but report that fraud, look at your account, go back to the bank, the credit card company, tell them it's fraud. they have an obligation to refund that back to you. >> so be sure to check into it quickly. >> reporter: very quickly. >> thank you, rebecca jarvis. tonight now we have the new list of the safest cars in america. so which one is at the top and what does it teach about the car in your driveway? here's abc's senior national correspondent jim avila. >> reporter: to make the safest car list today, not only does the vehicle have to master five separate crash tests, head-on, the new front-corner test, side crash, roll over roof strength
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and how head restraints protect those test dummies. even after all that, the truly safest vehicles on the road have to do more. the safest, like this subaru, honda and ford include this feature, a crash warning system that beeps if you are approaching the car in front of you too quickly, and at about 20 feet from impact, brake automatically if the driver fails to. the insurance institute says those systems that average about $2,000 are worth it because the warning alone reduces accidents by 7%, and with automatic braking by 15%. >> the fact that they've got this advanced front crash prevention system, this is a very safe choice for people. >> reporter: other recommendations -- look for adaptive headlights that swivel as you turn the corner, reducing accidents by 10%. electronic stability control that manages wheel slippage. and if you drive a convertible, make sure it has a pop roll bar in case of roll over. >> cars are getting safer. we are seeing a reduction in crashes.
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>> reporter: and a reduction in fatalitities over the past five years as cars have been strengthened corner to corner to pass the widest range of cash tests ever including that new one that requires more strength at the front corner of the vehicle. jim avila, abc news, washington. one more consumer note tonight about something in millions of american kitchens, chobani yogurt, one of the most popular in country, word today from a large supermarket chain, whole foods, that starting in the new year, they'll no longer carry it on their shelves. they say they're going to make room for organic blands and that chobani uses milk from cows that have been fed soy beans and corn. they say there is not enough organic milk available to meet their demand. and now tonight a red hot firestorm surround a man who became a tv phenomenon because of his duck calls and charm.
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phil robertson facing the heat because of his comments about sexual orientation and race. abc's matt gutman tells us about the comments and everyone taking sides. >> reporter: the self proclaimed redneck family of "duck dynasty is everywhere -- emblazened on bedshirts and boxers, they even have their own christmas cd. presenting at the country music awards, attending the white house correspondents dinner -- and presiding over a half billion dollar empire and one of the most popular cable shows in history. i spoke to them about their gospel of hunting and god. they used their fame to spread their christian beliefs, but now the hunting family's patriarch, phil robertson is under the gun for his comments about sin to gq magazine. start with homosexual behavior and more of from there, lumping gays with terrorists saying god will sort it out later. robertson who grew up in
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louisiana tells gq blacks were better off before civil rights. i never saw the mistreatment of any black person. preentitlement and welfare, they were godly, they weren't happy and no one was singing the blues. the naacp and the gay rights organization called the remarks dangerous. >> it is completely unacceptable to equality home sexuality with bestiality or that being gay is a choice that one has. >> reporter: a and e listened placing robertson on high eight tus. sarah palin came to his defense. the governor of his home state is sounding off. >> the left is for overview point except those that disagree with them. >> reporter: others say robertson is being attacked for his religious beliefs. the family has a best selling christmas cd out.
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fans flock to them for it. >> everybody watches that. you dvr it, go to church, come home and watch it. >> reporter: today phil robertson saying we are all created by the almighty and i love all humanity. matt gutman, abc news, miami. next here tonight we take you in search of a fascinating possibility. thousands of miles into the remote mountains to meet people with dwarfism who may hold the secret to preventing cancer in all of us. what is it? we're back in two minutes. side-by-side, so you get the same coverage, often for less. that's one smart board -- what else does it do, reverse gravity? [ laughs ] split atoms? [ flo chuckles ]
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community of people with dwarfism, little people living in remote villages and something about them could hold the secret to preventing cancer for everyone. what is it? abc's john quinones takes us there to find out. >> reporter: meet freddie, maria and lucas. they're a kind of medical wonder, little people with a rare kind of dwarfism. the same genetic mutation that keeps them small also prevents them from getting cancer and diabetes. >> how old are you? you're 15? >> reporter: lucas stands less than three feet tall, his sister five years younger is nearly twice his height. >> what is life like being your size? >> reporter: life can be difficult, he says, always having to ask for help, but he says he's gotten used to it. worldwide only about 300 people are known to have this rare
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genetic disorder and fully one-third of them live here in the remote mountain side villages of southern ecuador this syndrome is so prevalent here. these doctors have been studying them for more than 20 years hoping to harness the secrets of their genes into life saving medication. now they're developing a pill that mimics the syndrome. the key human growth hormone which fuels the growth of cancer cells. doctors hope that by blocking its receptors they can significantly reduce the on set of cancer and kill the cancer cells when they form. that's what happens naturally in little people like yolanda. >> you could hold the key to preventing cancer and diabetes. >> yes, she says.
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it will make me very happy if those diseases go away. >> reporter: we met 13-year-old maria who, like the others, continues to offer herself up for research. if my daughter can help save other people, her mother says, then we'll do it with pleasure. these little people of ecuador willing to give the world a huge gift. what a gift that would be, a pill that might prevent cancer and diabetes. researchers have made progress using the mutation to block cancer in mice and now they're hoping and working on developing that pill so it might affect humans. >> this is real scientific research going on tonight? >> it's a huge deal. as we speak, some of the world's top scientists are conducting six clinical trials in holland,
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italy, the mayo clinic. they're not only studying the potential effects of this medidication but a star vacatio diet that mimics this syndrome. high hopes. >> i love the woman's reaction when you said do you know you could be the key to preventing cancer in the world. it was a lovely expression. thank you so much, john, for the journey. when we come back right here -- ♪ we could have had it all >> a new milestone for adele. what hpened. it's in our "instant index." [ male announcer ] if you suffer from a dry mouth then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. [ crickets chirping ] but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? [ exhales deeply ] [ male announcer ] well there is biotene. specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants,
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beneath this boat a massive whale. it happened off the coast of argentina. a scuba drive snapped the photo and the tourist on the boat were none the wiser. earlier this week we told you about the good samaritan leaving giants tips for waiters and waits tress across the country. tonight a secret santa strikes again, this time leaving this diamond ring in a salvation army bu bucket in florida. it included a note, please continue your good works, caring for the needy in god's name. secret santa still a mystery tonight. this song earned adele an oscar. ♪ let the sky fall >> but tonight she has a new honor to go along with her academy award. today prince charles made adele a member of the most excellent
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order of the british empire for her service to music, one of the highest honors for a british citizen. look closely, a little cheeky fun on her finger nail there. that's a tiny crown in honor of her day at buckingham palace. some pictures just in, a new tourist pan ran mick, get ready to step into thin air. you step inside a glass box 12,000 feet up and teeter above the abyss. it opens to the public this weekend. those with vertigo need not apply. when we come back, alone in the wilderness, no matches, no shelter, would you be able to manage? the ultimate survival test next. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes.
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or not? what if they embrace new technology instead? ♪ imagine a company's future with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade. finally tonight a question of endurance. how long would you last in the ice cold wilderness, little more than clothes on your back? do you know the secrets of surviving in a frozen world? travel with abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: we're mushing sled dogs across the frozen alaskan wilderness. no cars, no food, no shelter.
6:58 pm
our guides 26-year-old iditarod champion dallas seavey and 36-year-old eddie ahyakak native alaska born survival expert. >> you spent a lot of the time just trying to slow these dogs down. there is a foot brake here that you can use. >> reporter: over the next 48 hours, they take us inside their world making shelters from scratch, starting fires without matches, even building snow shoes from tree branches. >> i would be far more afraid spending a week in new york than in alaska. >> reporter: dallas and eddie are just two in a motley crew of outdoor survival elite facing off in the national geographic reality show "ultimate survival alaska" which airs sunday. their bag of tricks a few drops can purify water. an old flint and knife and chapstick as a fire starter. yes, chapstick. >> i'm going to smear some of this chapstick into this cotton
6:59 pm
ball and it's going to act like a candle. >> reporter: we're soon making tea from melted snow and pine needles. >> that's the key, right? you warm the core? >> you can heat people from the outside in, fire, warm clothes, et cetera but think about it, if you drink something up, all of a sudden you're burning up. >> reporter: as night fell there was nothing these two couldn't do. ultimate survival for us but for them it's a way of life. >> a true survive can go in the woods with a knife and flint and stay there as long as you want. >> reporter: neal karlinsky abc news. >> thank you for watching tonight. we'll see you back here tomorrow. we leave you tonight with a towering santa from our abc station in iowa. an entire neighborhood sharing the christmas holiday. good night.
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